Our Team

Building begins with relationships.

At Cochran Concrete, we recognize that our success depends on the connection we form with our customers. Through the years, whether times are lean or we've got all the business we need, the strength of our relationships is what holds us together. We know you want to work with people you trust, which is why we want you to learn more about us. We hope to get to know you personally, too, and that our bond will last as long as the concrete.

Tom Cochran

Co-owner, New Construction Manager

Tom is a Kansas City native and, if he was so inclined, could probably take credit for as much concrete poured in this town as anyone. He spent three decades working with his father, Ray (Pat) Cochran, before striking out on his own in 2021. 

Tom has seven kids, all of whom live in the area and several of whom work with him at Cochran Concrete. He enjoys watching the Chiefs and the Royals, but his first and deepest love is fishing. When he's not running the show at Cochran Concrete, you can probably find him at the Lake of the Ozarks with his wife Yumi.

Bob Callahan

Co-owner, Specialty Applications and Field Manager

Bob is the cousin of both Tom and Steve and like the two of them, he learned everything he knows about concrete by growing up around the business and working with their father for many years before starting his own company back in 2000.

 Forming a partnership with Tom and Steve was not a hard decision. The combined experience between the three, each with their own expertise, allows them to understand what it takes to get the job done with the quality and service that is expected.

Steve Cochran

Co-owner, Operations Manager

Steve (Tom's big brother, he's happy to remind you) comes from a real-estate background, also worked for his father as a young adult and then again over the past 10 years. When Cochran Concrete was formed, he wanted to make sure he was a part of it.

Steve has three kids,  all grown and making their way through life in the Kansas City area. 

Ray (Pat)  and Tom Cochran